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Amc Office tools

Our AMC services for Computers and Laptops.

Our Service includes:

  1. Hardware change (Paid as required)
  2. Printer Maintenance
  3. Monitor maintenance
  4. Repairing of Hard Disk, Modem, DVD-ROM
  5. Network Troubleshooting
  6. Services based on Internet
  7. Protecting the system hackers
  8. Virus Protection and Virus Removal 

AMC Rates (Business User)

1. Desktop - Rs. 450.00 per quarter (without parts)
2. Laptop   - Rs. 550.00 per quarter (without parts)

Terms & Conditions

  1. We offer a maximum of 12 visits per quarter (3 months, upto 12 visits)
  2. AMC Services requires a contract duly signed by both parties with the signage of contract.
  3. We offer AMC services WITHOUT PARTS, which means that if some part is damaged and cannot be fixed, the client will have to bear the cost for the purchase of new computer part.

Payment Terms

1. 100% Advance for each quarter
2. Payment Mode: Cash / Cheque / Demand Draft
3. No POST DATED Cheques

Documents Required

  • Purchase Order (duly signed, company's letter head) \ Undertaking Certificate (Letter Head) From the Product Original Holder.
  • Original Invoice for devices which needs to be brought under the contract.
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